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Annealing is a process of slow heating, longer life at the selected temperature, and slow cooling of components in the furnace or air.
Annealing is divided into several types:

1. To reduce its own tension
As a result of this process, the welder's constraints on fatigue friction in welds, castings and forgings limit the deformation during machining and operation. It is usually carried out in within the temperature range of 550°C to 580°C.

2. Recrystallization
This process results in restoring plasticity to cold-formed materials. It is used for common steels in the range of 580°C to 650°C.

3. Soft annealing
The result of this process is reduction of strength and improvement of workability and plasticity. It is used for common steels in the range of 650°C to 750°C.

4. Normalization
The result of this process is structuring of the structure and the reduction of inclination to deformations in subsequent technological operations. It is used for common steels in the range of 800°C to 950°C.

The aforesaid types of annealing are carried out in air or in a protective atmosphere.
These processes are carried out in chamber or vehicle air furnaces or in chamber furnaces with a protective atmosphere.

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