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Q.I.P. Ltd.
Sokolova 696/32
619 00 Brno

Customer service
+420 543 250 835
(mon-fri 6:00 - 14:30)




Q. I. P. Ltd is a company providing annealing, hardening, tempering, case hardening (cementation end hardening), carbo-nitriding, nitriding and surface hardening and other heat treatment technologies.

The company Q. I. P. Ltd, based in Brno, was founded as a custom heat treatment plant in 1998. The basic strategy of the company is focused on providing a comprehensive service at the highest level to all its customers in the field of heat and chemical-heat treatment of metals.

This strategy is supported in the field of technical service and know-how by long-term successful cooperation with VUT FSI Institute of Materials Science and Engineering in Brno and in the field of production especially by its own innovative activities in building and expanding the progressive technological base. In the business area, there is a strong emphasis on expanding broad cooperation within the pan-European industrial market.

Our experience in the field, understanding the needs and expectations of customers and the wide range of services offered enable us to build close and long-term relationships with customers. Thanks to our conscious decisions and efforts to continually improve, we are able to offer customers more than ever before.

The company's top management uses the following procedures:

  • It constantly identifies and evaluates the needs and level of satisfaction of its customers.
  • It actively develops its service portfolio in a customer-oriented manner.
  • It undertakes to meet the agreed deadlines for processed deliveries on time.
  • It focuses on the principle of zero error
  • It evaluates the functionality and effectiveness of the quality management system and is committed to its continuous improvement.
  • It expands the expertise of its employees through regular training and coaching.
  • It operates with a focus on the goals arising from the quality management system, emphasizing the respect and motivation of its employees.
  • It identifies and evaluates risks to health and safety at work and decides on appropriate measures.
  • It is committed to ensuring safe and healthy working conditions regarding the prevention of accidents at work and damage to health.
  • It commits to eliminating hazards and reducing health and safety risks through regular monitoring of workplace safety standards.
  • It regularly monitors corrective actions to continuously improve the QMS system.
  • It commits to complying with applicable legislative and other requirements throughout the organization.
  • It takes into account the requirements for safety and environmental protection during the different phases of our activities and the life cycles of our equipment and machines.
  • It is committed to protecting the environment and emphasizes the areas of air pollution, the sustainable use of natural resources and the constant development of its portfolio.

The top management of our organization has created, implemented, updates and constantly maintains procedures appropriate to the context and strategic focus of the organization, committed to operational responses to relevant customer requirements, especially addressing risks and opportunities that affect product and service compliance and will constantly increase customers’ satisfaction. The top management has created, implemented and constantly maintains and updates the adopted QMS policy and thus provides a framework for setting goals. With this focus, senior management will consistently demonstrate their leadership role and commitments and will continually identify, understand and continually comply with the requirements of laws and regulations.


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