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Q.I.P. Ltd.
Sokolova 696/32
619 00 Brno

Customer service
+420 541 263 290
(mon-fri 6:00 - 14:30)




Q.I.P. Ltd. provides products and services of heat treatment and chemical-heat treatment of metals.

The top management has established, implemented and has continuously been maintaining appropriate procedures that comply with the company strategy policy. In order to increase customers´ satisfaction the top management is committed to respond flexibly to specific customer requirements, especially by dealing with risks and issues that can affect the accord with products and services. Based on its focus, he top management will permanently demonstrate its leading role and obligations and identify, follow and meet legal requirements and standards. We will lead the company up to permanent prosperity, increasing professional standard and the level of quality which will always be able to meet customers´ criteria. We are obliged to continuously enhance the system of quality management to meet the defined quality policy requirements.

We are committed to keep the quality policy accessible and continuously upgrade the documentation to keep it up-to-date. We will persistently discuss the quality policy with the staff and other parties concerned in order to comprehend and fulfil their requirements.

Download in PDF here

Download in PDF here